Monday, March 02, 2009

Well, He is on TV.

As I've written before, Brewier is an actor, and we often get phone calls from friends, telling us they see him on tv, mostly commercials and Dr.G episodes. Lately though the calls have been from Sam, excitedly telling me, "Brewiers on tv!" Yes, he is very
impressed. Last month Brewier was out of town for a week, and on one of those days I had Sam over to spend the night. (the eleven hours of Lego day,) He was playing Lego and I was watching NCIS. During the show he looks at me suspiciously and says, "That looks like Brewier."
Me: Which one?
Sam: (With a look that says duh on his face,) The one that looks like Brewier.
He then points to Mark Harmon.
Me: No, thats not Brewier.
Sam then gets right up next to the tv and watches Mark Harmon.
SAM: Yes! That is Brewier!
Me: No it really isn't.
Sam: Yes it is! Thats where he is now, right? He's off making more shows!
Me: Really, its not Brewier.
Sam; Yeah, I think it is...and he's making more shows.

At this point I don't bother trying to convince him that it isn't Brewier, and Sam continues to mutter under his breathe for the rest of the show, "Thats Brewier."

I lost even more credibility with Sam this week. He asked if he could go out and explore my garage because, "I don't have a garage and sometimes I just want to look around one." Now who can argue with that? So I told him sure. Well he takes two steps out to the garage and turns back to me with his eyes as big as saucers and his mouth hanging open and says in awe, "Brewier won an award?" Then excitedly, "I WATCHED THOSE ON TV!"
Yes, in the eyes of this six year old, Brewier is an Oscar winning actor because this was sitting in our garage.


hilltopper said...

hte award is guarding the paint, trash bags and spray cleaner with his golden life. said...

lol best comment ever, monica.

i love that dad and mark harmon are now interchangeable in sammys brain.

Just say Julie said...

hahaha! I love that it has an obvious place of honor in the garage!

mrsmouthy said...

That's way too funny. I'm totally going to be scouring commercials for Brewier now, though all I have to go on for his appearance is Mark Harmon.