Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Megan was over this afternoon and I got her to watch the first two episodes of Men in Trees. She's hooked. I have to tell you, I was really sad...like mourning sad, that there were no more episodes to watch; I had really come to love the characters.
Sunday Brewier and I went out to a nearby neighborhood to look at a few of their multimillion dollar homes. This first picture...its the kitchenette inside the master bedroom...it was actually an entire room in itself, (it was half the size of my family room!)

This was the light fixture in the library. I love just about anything globe related.

Despite the beauty, grandness and amazing to die for features of these homes, I don't think I'd want to live in one. They seem so over the top. I really love my home, and think 2000 square feet is plenty of room for me.


HopiQ said...

Oh, I love your home, too! It's so good to find contentment...in spite of the opulence that exists out there. That grandeur cannot guarantee joy and peace. Thankfully we know the true Source.

Linda said...

I do like that lamp. How original. I'm happy is our little place-less to clean.

Fire Marshal Ken said...

Ive been trying to find that light fixture on line. I wonder if it was custom to the house

Anonymous said...

Kitchenette? As in there's a Mother Kitchen somewhere else in the house? Holy smokes!