Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I Told You They Were Fabulous.

Friends and family questioned the love I had for these birds created by James Mullan...they thought I was crazy for saving up my babysitting money, (what am I 13?) all year so I could buy them at the Winter Park Art Festival. Well, "HA!" I say, because Anthropologie now either carries them or has ripped off Mr. Mullans idea.
Megan has even more pictures, including one of Mr Mullan and some of his birds from the art show last year.

Anthropologies bird:

My birds. Well Three of them are technically mine, one is Megans.


Just say Julie said...

Those are fabulous! I love those colors.. such fun. You have quite the eye :)

hilltopper said...

neat-o, i like the one on the binaculars best.

Amy said...

My Mum colects birds, I think she'd love these. We don't have Anthropologie or the Winter Park Art Festival!