Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Green Tea Magic.

Once a week I get an email from the, "Real Age," website. Don't ask me my real age according to them, its too depressing. They send me tips on how to be healthier and lower my physiological age. Most of their tips I already do. Today's teaser was, "Reduce your waistline by drinking this!" My waistline is where all my extra weight goes and if I can make it smaller by drinking something...anything, I will. I click on the link and am told this magic elixir is green tea. Do you know how much green tea I drink in a day? Lets just say I should have a freakishly small waist by now! I don't suppose the buttered toast, or walnut cookies I have with my tea have anything to do with my non-shrinking but expanding waist do you? They didn't say anything about that on the website.

1 comment:

Linda said...

It's like me and my beauty products. If they really worked I'd look like I was 21 by now.