Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feeling Too Good To Sit Still and Blog.

Normally my blogging lulls are because I'm too sick to blog. This week, its because I actually feel good. I love what these IV's have done for me!
This was dinner last night, it tasted even better than it looks.

I ate it again for breakfast, outside.

Emmie and Micah were over for a visit and enjoyed this gorgeous weather we've been having. Yes that is my dust mit Emmie is hugging, She named it fluff ball and declared it a puppet.

These were left on my counter by Gregory. He found a jar, filled it with water and picked the hibiscus without me even knowing it. Its hard to believe he is just four. Melissa told me about a recent trip to the grocery store. While checking out Gregory asked the cashier her name. She told him and he then inquired, "How long have you been working here?" "Two years," she replied. Gregory looks at her and asks, "So how's that working out for you?" Four years old, people.


hilltopper said...

the laughs never end with that kid!

ya know its all in what they hear and how theyre treated at home.

people crack up on D when he doesnt want something he always says "no thanks, but i do appreciate the offer" well, thats just what i say to him.

Sarah said...

so glad you feel so well!! I love all of the funny and cute anictodes from all the kids in your life. (still on my iPod... No computer yet.) said...

i laughed so hard at both of those and had to read them aloud for matthew.

i love emmie and the fluff ball - and gregory is such a little man!

Greg Pflug said...

Hey Tricia, everyone is waiting for some baby Kate pictures.

mrsmouthy said...

We should get Gregory together with my son. They'd sound like a couple of middle-aged men having a chat. (Until, that is, my son would begin answering everything with "Mew mews mew mews," as he does when he realizes he's let too much of his covert intelligence be noticed by the public.)