Friday, March 20, 2009

The Birds.

I'd been anxiously awaiting the days arrival so I could go to the Winter Park Art Festival and visit Jim Mullan and his birds.

I talked to Mr Mullan and found out that Anthropologie had seen his birds somewhere and contacted him to see if they could carry his birds in their store. He had never heard of Anthropologie so he went to one and checked them out. He liked the store and thought his birds would be a good fit. He said he's been making the birds for years and years, but never tried selling them until three years ago, (that's when I bought my first bird.) and he really doesn't like selling them, and would rather be able to keep them all. Many of the metal pieces on his birds he makes himself, and now that his inventory of antique decoys is just about depleted, he has started hand carving the birds.
Unlike so many artists, Mr Mullan is down to earth and friendly. The first year I bought a bird, I didn't have the cash on me and he didn't take credit cards. He wrapped up my chosen bird, gave me his address and told me to just mail him a check.

Megan spent a good deal of time at the booth taking good photos, which I will blatantly steal and post on my blog next week.

(I just counted and the word bird is in this post 10 times...eleven counting this sentence.)


HopiQ said...

That is really cool! I like hearing the stories behind things.

Jessica said...

I'm still really glad Anthropologie didn't rip off his birds.

hilltopper said...

oooh, i cant wait to see the birds. looks like he has other awesome stuff too.