Monday, February 02, 2009

Stir Crazy and Preparing for Abduction

My car is broken...Brewier is out of town and I haven't been out of the house,( other than a quick trip to the grocery store,) in 3 weeks, nor have I had any visitors. And now my house is being infiltrated by aliens.
About a month ago I came home to find my 30 pound planter knocked over and broken, leaving my plant looking like this. Innocent enough, right. Thats what I thought, then I saw, "it."

Do you see it? Do you? There is an alien man watching my every move!

I had Megan make this for those of you whose eyes have been blinded.

Please, somebody come rescue me.


Just say Julie said...

You have way too much free time :)

Sarah said...

Run. Run as far away as you can. Like, say, Montana. That should do it.

HopiQ said...

You made it into my dreams, Tricia!!!

Early this morning you met me at my house to help me pick paint colors and stage it so that it would sell...but the place was packed full of junk and such a mess. Then we discussed a book I just read, and you knowingly observed that much of it had really resonated with me. It was quite a lengthy conversation.

Sorry you're so bored! Wish I could rescue you.

Jane said...

If you start walking and I start walking, maybe we'll meet halfway, in one of those corn states by the summer.

Clearly you need to get out of your house.

hilltopper said...

well, its no better up here in the land of ice and snow as far as getting out goes, but maybe hes a magic alien that can grant you wishes, and then you could wish for lower pollen counts...or a latte.

Amy said...

I think he's cute. Think Alf rather than the Independence Day aliens.

Darla said...

Thanks for cracking me up
I have been abducted by red necks and would have preferred your aliens.