Tuesday, February 03, 2009


He called me this morning to ask if I'd like to join he and Melissa at Panara Bread. Ya think? I was ready to leave in a matter of minutes, (Melissa picked me up.)
I haven't been out to eat with a six year old for a long time, and I forgot the allure that public restrooms held for such an age group. After going to the mens room twice in 30 minutes, Sam yet again hopped off his chair and saying he was off to the mens room. His mom, wise to his games firmly told him no, he whined a bit more and she again said no. That is when he changed his tactics, raised his voice and loudly said, "But Mom, I need to pee, my penis feels spicy." I nearly snorted coffee out my nose. Spicy? Really? Melissa just shrugged her shoulders and told Sam to sit down. I asked Sam later about feeling spicy and he just frowned, stuck his bottom lip out and turned his head away.
Sam ended up coming home with me and right away we pulled the Legos out, Lego with which he played with for ELEVEN hours straight. Even now, he is lying in bed, (he is spending the night, along with Megan and Matthew,) asking me if he can't play with them a little bit longer. Seriously dude, I need my sleep.


Sarah said...

Wow. That boy has some seriously great concentration skills. 11 hours! He also has some pretty creative descriptive skills! What a riot.

hilltopper said...

gives spicy a new meaning! im rolling!

and this must be st. melissa in the picture, its good to see the purple marker came off of sams face.