Sunday, February 22, 2009

Packages Make Me So Happy!

Monica was having a giveaway featuring some of her handiwork, and I won! This arrived in the mail yesterday, two cute appliqued tea towels, (and you know how i love birds!) a matching apron, a mix cd and chocolate. Thank you Monica! (Megan greatly enjoyed the chocolate.)

My other package came from Sarah. She told me she was sending a box of stuff for me with John, and she told me,(and showed me on video chat,) what was in the box. Now , if someone says, "I'm sending you a box," and you already know whats in it, don't you picture a cardboard box with stuff piled in side? Not if its from Sarah. When you get a package from Sarah, opening it is an event. This is the box:

This is how things were packed. Doesn't it make you smile?

I had so much fun opening everything, and look at all my goodies! She picked me up a Starbucks mug from the original Starbucks in Seattle, along with a gift card from the same store. While she and John were at Pikes Place Market she found some beads for me, and she sent along all the makeup that she can no longer wear now that she is allergic to mica.
The flowered fabric was a skirt she included for Megan, that fits her perfectly. Thank you Sarah <3

No sooner had I opened Sarahs package this morning, than Renee showed up at my door with a container of homemade soup, perfect food for helping me fight off this cold.
Thank you Renee!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have people taking care of you! And I'm surprised you yourself are not allergic to mica. :)

hilltopper said...

man! you hit the jack pot!!

hope youre feeling better.