Monday, February 16, 2009

If You Can't Say Anything Nice..

Don't say anything at all. Growing up, I think my mother said that to me everyday. It turned me into a very quite person. When I started this blog I decided to continue with my Mom's advice and only write about the more positive things here. So I won't tell you about my crummy Valentines day, or the fact that we didn't go on our annual anniversary beach trip. I'll post photos instead.

Can you guess who this is? Right now she is very sick with the flu. (Art work courtesy of my brother Greg.)

Here is Addison sleeping in my bed last week. See how she is all sprawled out diagonally, in the center of the bed with her hands above her head? Thats exactly how I sleep!

See Matthew?

He Unconsciously cleans and organizes. This is some of his handy work. He piled and stacked everything from the kitchen island al on one end. He all so kept taking my camera a putting it the guest does look just like Megs camera.


Jane said...

Awwwwwhh, pumpkin... so sad you're sick.

Praying that you'll recover quickly.

Linda said...

So sorry your Valentine's day was a bust. Mine was just ok. I never have any great expectations.

aliann said...

So sorry you weren't able to come to the Valentine's dinner. Maybe we can get hold of that chocolate fountain and bring it to your house for a chocolate and wine party.

hilltopper said...

i will trade you a little boy who loves to vacuum for a son in law who loves to organize! but not for keeps.