Sunday, February 01, 2009

Finding Quarters.

(this is a post from Feb 2007, with an update at the end.)

For a couple of years now, I'll walk by my dresser or night table, and will see a quarter sitting there. "Hmm, I don't remember putting that there." And that was about as much thought I gave....except it kept happening. One day my Mom, with a little smile on her face said to me "You've never said anything about the quarters I leave you." She told me she left them there as an "I love you" token. Thats where they came from! I never connected the appearence of money with my Moms visits. The next few quarters I found, I put in a little dish on my night table, where I keep my lip balm, so every night when I'd be going to bed and putting lip balm on I'd see the quarters and think about my Mom and that she loved me. The other night when going to bed I realized my Mom has started putting the quarters in the dish herself :) I love you too Mom.

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Because it is close to Valentines day, and Brewier is out of town and my Mom thought I might need money, she left this on my kitchen window sill, where I usually find her quarters.


Wende said...

That is the nicest thing ever! LOVE IT!

Sarah said...

That is just too sweet!

Jane said...

Your mom ROCKS.

hilltopper said...

what a nice post, i made me think of all the nice things my mom does for me and my brothers.

and the end, golden, they never stop taking care of us, and they love us even when we're trouble.

Kathleen said...

what a thoughtful mama you have.
it is true, we are always their babies.

happy pre-valentine love, lady.

mrsmouthy said...

That is so sweet. It sounds like a story for Chicken Soup for the Broke Daughter's Soul!

Darla said...

Moms are the best!!!!!!