Tuesday, February 17, 2009

..And Then an Angel Named Heather,

Swooped down from heaven and carried me away to heaven. Ok, actually, she pulled up in a SUV, and we went to Park Ave...but it seemed like heaven after being in my house for like ever. The weather was the kind that makes people move to Fl. Clear blue skies, 73 degrees, no humidity, (Which is pretty rare.) There is all so lots of oak pollen swirling around so I went with plenty of tissues in my purse.

Don't all bears bare Godiva Chocolate? Isabella was impressed.

She really liked the bear.

*Did you recognize Megan in yesterdays post? She is still very sick, with a temp that hovers around 103.5...for two days now :( *


Jessica said...

I'm so glad!!! Thank you, Heather! I'm sure you had fun. :)

Linda said...

Winters are the same way in Arizona where my parents live. Makes it worth living through the brutal summers.