Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Baby its COLD Outside.

I mean really cold as in its supposed to drop down into the 20's tonight, thereby totally killing my mostly dead plants that froze during our last cold front.
Now I'm going to channel my best Sally Fields and say, "You love me! You really love me!" Because I've made $1.98 since I put by book store on my side bar. I finally went to Amazon and read that I get %4 of the purchase price of an item, so thank you! Books are really important to me and along with Facebook, help me keep my sanity here in my bubble. So in keeping with the book theme, I have a story to tell you.
When we came back from KY last month I stopped by to visit a friend. She is a few years younger than me, and is and always has been very pretty, but as I sat there talking to her i noticed that she looked even better than usual. Then she got up to do something and I went, "Wow! You've lost weight." She smiled and said, "No." She sat back down and I told her how good she looked. In fact I kept telling her that and finally she said she had a confession to make. She had read, and applied this book:

I immediately went home and requested the book from our library. Yes! check your librabry! I read through it in one afternoon, and it really does have some good information it, especially if your stuck in a rut, or people have started, "mam-ing" you.
My secret to looking younger....I take my nephews out with me and people think I'm their mother.......hmmm.....maybe I just look like an older mother. I hadn't thought about that. Time to apply the book.


HopiQ said...

OK, I'm checking the library right now! (And you can't help but look fabulous!)

hilltopper said...

i hate getting mam-ed but its unavoidable when you have 3 yr old boy in tow.

i may have to see about getting tips from that book.

i really do love you, i made Ken order all his school books for the next unit from your sidebar link. and theres more where that came from sistah.