Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things I Learned While in KY.

1. The McDonalds in Carrollton Ky has the best coffee I've ever had, and it doesn't matter what time of day you get a cup, its good.

2. Brewier will make a 20 mile round trip to get me this cup of coffee.

3. It doesn't matter how hungry I am... even if I haven't eaten all day, I can not eat McDonalds food. I tried to eat a hamburger one afternoon, I actually gagged.

4. After a week, I didn't really miss the internet.... too much.

5. NCIS is on for six hours straight on Mondays.

6. I can watch my, "Friends," dvd's over and over and still laugh hysterically.

7. Chandler is my favorite character, he reminds me of my stepson, Brett. Same humor and comic timing.

8. Next time I visit, bring more than one book to read, so I don't end up watching six hours of NCIS.


Linda said...

Chandler reminds me of my second son-not in looks so much as his actions, way of talking and sense of humor.

Sarah said...

So what is wrong with watching six hours of NCIS?