Friday, January 30, 2009

That Works.

So I put a bookstore on this blog too.
A big part of the doldrums here is that I haven't had my nephews over for a while. Between me being sick and them being sick, it just hasn't happened. I can share this with you though. I was talking to my sister in law Melissa a couple of nights ago and she shared that the family had been out for several hours looking at property to buy. Sam, who hasn't been feeling well, kept telling her he was bored... he wanted to go home. Well I guess the boredom proved too much for him and he found a purple marker in the backseat of the van and colored his whole face purple....the night before a big home school group presentation he had to do.
I wish I had a picture.


hilltopper said...! between Gator cutting his own hair and their blueberry boy that would be a very interesting family picture. your SIL must be a saint.

Kimberly said...

Jake and I want to see Sammy too! LOL

Beck said...

LOL, this reminds me of the time Sara colored the face of 3 month old Kevin with a blue permanent marker...