Monday, January 05, 2009

Still Sick and Still in KY.

The two are not related. Bad weather is expected for the next couple of days along I75, so we are staying put. On one of our trips to the hospital to see Brewiers Dad, we passed this house...isn't it cute? And look at those gorgeous front doors.


Georgia B. said...

adorable house. i thought you were going to say you were staying there, and i was going to be jealous. :)

i got a kick out of your pee on a stick comment. it will come to that if this lasts much longer.

hilltopper said...

i hope for your sake youre able to go home soon! did the people living in the house think you were a private investigator? or are you just known in town as the crazy lady who sits outside the library so they pay no attention to your antics?

mrsmouthy said...

You have such a good eye for charming places. I wish I could buy 10 different houses!