Thursday, January 29, 2009

You Know I Love Books...

So imagine my excitement when I received an email from Amazon saying that I had a $21.07 gift card from Amazon associates. You see, I have an Amazon book store on my craft blog, and anytime anyone buys anything though my bookstore link, I get credit. Someone went through my link and bought a $300 stroller! So this is my plea...when you buy from Amazon, anything at all, would you go through my craft blog and make your purchase. You would make me one ecstatically happy bibliophile.

In other happy book news, this came in the mail today fromMrs. Limestone. The prize I won for my book page Christmas wreath. The two beautiful photos are pictures she took while in Paris.


Sarah said...

Wow! Wonderful prize!!

It's good to know about ordering through Amazon. I wish I had known that earlier... But I will file it away for future reference. :-)

aliann said...

Oh, I love books too! How did you set up your oh so crafty bookstore? Sounds like a cool idea. I've been looking at little sidebar items to list books I like.