Monday, January 26, 2009

It is Soooo Not Cool.

I remember as a kid, sitting in church and playing with the veins on the back of my moms hands. You know, the big bluish purple veins that you can push to one side and then watch creep back all by itself to its rightful spot? I remember thinking, "This is SO COOL! I can't till my hands look like this and I can play with my own veins anytime I want!" Yes, I really did think that...I was a weird kid. I just wanted all of you to know, that I have my own veins to entertain me now and it is so NOT cool.


Greg Pflug said...

Just think how bad your gonna feel when you can tuck your tits under your belt.

hilltopper said...

laughed at your post, laughed harder at Gregs comment. you guys are too funny.

Anonymous said...

Those veins used to totally freak me out, and then when I was 18 I realized I was actually BORN with veins like that. So I better get used to it.