Sunday, December 21, 2008


One of Brewiers friends works out at Epcot, and one of the perks of being a Disney employee is that you can get people into the park for free. Not just one park, but you get park hopper tickets good for all four parks, all day long. Yesterday at 9am, we met up with this friend at Epcot where he gave us two park hopper tickets. As I've said before, I haven't been to Disney in about 15 years, I'm not a theme park fan, but free tickets? I'm game! What we didn't realize is that most of Epcot doesn't open until 11am. Creepy huh?

We walked around as much as the park as we could, (most of it was roped off and closed,) and as we walked we realized Disney now fragrances their parks! As we walked we kept hitting clouds of very strong perfume, even though no one was around. I started getting sick before we even had a chance to do anything. I called Megan and asked if she and Matthew would like our park hopper tickets. Of course they said yes, so we left the parks and headed to downtown Orlando to Megs.
The two of them ended up staying at Animal Kingdom until it closed, then headed over to the Magic Kingdom and stayed until it closed.
This morning I got a call from a sick sounding Megan. She said by the time they got home last night, both she and Matthew had chills and felt as if they had been poisoned:( (They both had classic arsenicum symptoms as did I.) So they are resting today.
This is Brewier impersonating the people we did see at Disney.

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