Friday, December 19, 2008

Randomness and Questions Answered..

I'm watching Sam and Gator today; their mom, Melissa dropped them off at 6:15, so random is all my brain can handle. I haven't had this, (my milk was sour,)

So I feel a bit like this:

(Brewier had an audition in Tampa Wed. and this was sitting outside the building.)

Brewier has an actor friend, "Big John," who is 7 feet tall, and big. They are visiting together while John gets his hair cut, (sounds kinda girly to me,) and I'm trying to get Brewier to bring him by the house because I told Sam and Gregory that Brewier is friends with Hagrid's brother.

This is on a tree in our neighborhood. I thinks its really creepy, as all tree faces are.

And Now For an Official Announcement

I will start answering all questions in my comments, like I used to, but then forgot about.

For now though, I'll answer a few here.

Regarding the wine bottle tree, no we didn't drink all that wine. I went through all my neighbors recycling bins and when I realized I would never get enough bottles that way, Brewier went down to a wine bar, (it was featured as the most extensive wine sampling room in the world, on Samantha Browns Weekend Getaways,) and they saved us a couple hours worth of bottles....they go through 200 a night.
They gave the bottles to us in wine boxes, and thats how we store them, in a corner of our garage. They take up very little room.
As for what I do at work. I work in a doctors office, and I do very challenging things, like, seasonal decorating, picking out paint colors for the office, rearranging furniture, filing, sending out letters, making new patient folders...pretty much whatever the ask me to do. Yesterday I was cleaning an old metal storage cabinet with the grain alcohol, trying to remove any odors that would interfere with the homeopathic remedies that will be stored in it.

4 comments: said...

tree faces are demons!!!

Amy said...

Thanks Tricia!

Kathleen said...

love the tree!!!
we could have made the tree with our recycling. lol
i will say that it would take us about 6 months, just in case you are raising an eyebrow. hee...

what a great idea for next year!

merry christmas, mama.

p.s. the pics of the kidlets are CUTE!

Georgia B. said...

i have that same coffee pot!

wow—that is dedication to answer every question! i try to when i can, but i know i sometimes miss.

i'm kind of in agreement about the tree faces. no matter what i think, i know it's not that they are cute!