Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mary Had a Lil Summin' Summin" On the Side.

Sam and Gator were over this morning and after eating breakfast they asked if they could play with my nativity set. Its very kid friendly, so I said, "Sure," and started cleaning up dishes while they played at the table. I 'm listening to them pretend and watching them out of the corner of my eye, when I see Sam take one of the wise men and smash his face against Marys, while making kissing noises. He then pulls the wise man away and says, "Ahhhh hot mama!"


Just say Julie said...

Nice! That's almost as bad as mine telling his teacher he was "Hot. You know like the weather, not like S-E-X". I just about died when that note came home!

Kathleen said...

such a funny story! thanks for that.
and julie, your story cracks me up, too! LOL
i never got a note like that when i was teaching! heh

hilltopper said...

well i suppose the wise man thought he had a shot since she had a baby but no husband.