Thursday, December 18, 2008

Look At What Was On My Door Step!

Actually, it was a box from UPS, but... look at what was in the box! My favorite organic coffee! Trish and Mike, Jessicas' mother and father in law, sent it to us. How thoughtful and sweet is that?! I was so excited and surprised that I immediately called Jessica and told her, because it made my day.

I went into work today. This is a picture of the desk I work at. Yep, Protein powder and pure grain alcohol. I can party with the best of them.

Okay, I confess. I wasn't drinking. We use the pure grain instead of rubbing alcohol, because rubbing alcohol is actually pretty toxic.


Georgia B. said...

too funny.

i've never heard of green mountain coffee. i'll have to look for it. i'm guessing it is not sold around here.

i do prefer organic coffee, though.

Amy said...

What do you do at work Tricia?

Anonymous said...

hi Tricia,
I received my flower in the mail yesterday and it made my day - I love it. Funny card!
Thanks again!
:) September

mrsmouthy said...

I'm from Seattle and we put a lot of things in our coffee but we NEVER put grain alcohol and protein powder in it. Maybe we're just old-fashioned.

Keith said...

Three words regarding your desk contents:

Breakfast Of Champions