Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Love Christmas...

Yes I do, I love Christmas how 'bout you? The Hilltopper bestowed this award upon me., and my wine bottle Christmas tree

Award Rules:

#1 you gotta love christmas to get this award

#2 the person you give this award must also love christmas

#3 link back to the person who awarded you this high honor

#4 list 5 things you love about christmas, unless you get on a roll and cant stop then list as many as you want

#5 pass the award on to as many people as you want

#6 leave them a comment telling them what they won


1 - Baking Christmas cookies

2 - Spending time doing Christmasy things with my family.

3- O Holy night - the birth of Jesus

4 - Christmas movies and music.

5 - My birthday is Dec. 23 and I've always loved having it so close to Christmas because everyone is in a festive mood.

I'm passing this award on to my daughters, Jessica and Megan because of their excellent cookie baking, Christmas decorating and general holiday spirit.


hilltopper said...

that was quick!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

well deserved!

Greg Pflug said...

I need your famous bourbon balls recipe, please.

Jessica said...

Oh, thank you, mom! I promise to try to get to this soon. :)