Friday, December 26, 2008

Give That Boy as Many Cookies as He Wants.

This morning I was making cookies for the clients on Gregs next trip, while Megan and Gregory sat at the kitchen table watching my computer screensaver go through my iphoto pics. Gregory was naming everyone in the pictures that appeared on the screen, many of which are of Addison. He had just seen yet another picture her when a photo I had taken of an older woman, (whom I didn't know but she had an interesting face,) came onto the screen. "He looked at Megan and asked her,"Is that Addisons grandma?" Megan laughed and said, "No...Tricia is Addisons grandma." Gregory turns, looks at me, and asks, "Why you not old?"
I love that boy.
He had three big cookies.


Chuck said...

Wonderful post! We've been on 2 long canoe troops with Missy and the boys, and Sam and Gregory are a real hoot! You're fortunate to live so close to them.

Oh yeah -- will you please make cookies for Greg's Cedar key trip? (We'll be on it.)

Jenn said...

Aren't kids amazing!

Linda said...

How great was that? I've never had my grandsons tell me that-probably never will either.

Sarah said...

Ahhhh. Nothing like an unsolicited compliment from a small child. You definitely know that it was honest and sincere! :-)