Saturday, November 01, 2008

You'll Have to Wait Until Monday.

I'm waiting until Monday for my big birthday prize drawing because my blog traffic really drops on the weekend. Now we know what people really do when they're at work.
I wanted to show you this house in our neighborhood. They always go all out for Halloween. They don't mow their grass in the week preceding the holiday, then on the day of Halloween they put up all their decorations. At night it is eerily lit and a fog machine is turned on.

We celebrated halloween by eating pizza with Greg, Melissa, Megan an Matthew. Melissa drinks a root beer float with her pizza. Life is not fair.


Jessica said...

Oh my, that yard is creepy! I'm not into Halloween decorations but that is quite creative!

KatieD said...

free tall coffee at Starbucks on Nov.4th when you tell them you voted! Just thought I'd let you know :)

Linda said...

The same thing happens with my blog-Sunday is always dead.

mrsmouthy said...

Those ghosts are FREAKY...and also FREAKY COOL! Maybe one year, just one year, I'll get my act together and make something like that in our yard. Then I could die happy.