Sunday, November 02, 2008

Political Humor.

This from a nine year old.
Q: "Obama and Biden were in a sinking boat in the middle of the ocean. Who was saved?
A: America.

This was on the bumper of the car in front of me yesterday as I was on my way to Hot Dog Heaven, which was devastatingly closed.

Make sure to vote, and then head over to Starbucks and claim your free tall coffee, (thanks for the heads up on that one Katie,) and to Ben and Jerry's for a free scoop.


Kimberly said...

Chris Rock was on ELLEN last week and he had me laughing so hard!

Ellen asked him who he thought would win. Chris answered, "Have you ever seen a Kenyan loose a race?"

He then went on to say, "If you got on a plane for Vegas and I got on a Kenyan, I would beat you there!"

I am upset with Obama. He wants to give rights to illegals and guess what, he has an aunt here illegally from Kenya. She was kicked out of the US 4 years ago and is now living in government housing on our tax dollars! Read more about it on my blog.

Thanks for the tip on the ice cream, I am taking the kids with me to vote and then we will head on over for FREE ice cream!

Darla said...

thanks for the freebie tips
have you seen my new site still working on it but getting there.

the voice of melody said...

I didn't know about the free Starbucks, thanks for sharing!

It's my first visit here, but I'll be returning soon. :)

Many sweet blessings!

Greg Pflug said...

How does one claim there free coffee or ice cream?