Sunday, November 09, 2008


A trip to Disney is made so much more tolerable while enjoying a glass of champagne.

Or if you're there with whiney kids, a Margarita. There were never fewer than 20 people in line.

I'm not really a huge Disney fan. I haven't been to a park in well over ten years, but yesterday we headed over to Downtown Disney to see afriend of Brewiers who was doing a Lego exhibition. He's a hard core Lego artist.

I saw this and made a beeline for it shouting, "Brewier! Look! Its the Borg cube! I'm sure the champagne had nothing to do with my enthusiasm.

There were side walk chalk artists all around:

This gal was the crack on the sidewalk chalk artist. She really needed to wear a better fitting pair of pants.


Just say Julie said...

We love downtown Disney because of the LegoLand! It's our favorite site. I go on color overload there! Those sidewalk chalk artists are awesome...I could never do it, cause I'm allergic :(

Jenn said...

I should have taken Caleb. He is and always has been do or die Legos's. He must own over 2000 of them and has just started designing his own things. They are limitless. Jenn

Evi said...

I LOVE the champagne idea!
My kids have NO idea ( I just looked over my shoulder to make sure they are not reading) but we are planning a trip there next year sometime. My husbands sister and her family are paying for us to join them (WOW!).
I will DEFINITELY remember the margarita or champagne idea!

Sarah said...

How fun! And, WOW, those artists are great. I'm glad you had a fun time.

mrsmouthy said...

When I join my son with his sidewalk chalk, usually my pictures look about like that. Usually.

Love the new sidebar of your etsy wares! (It is new, right?)

hilltopper said...

how fun!! i havent been to disney since i was like 10 and who knew thet served adult beverages! obviously not me since i was 10 last time i went.