Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eight Hours of Pie Making.

Rebecca is cooking a Thanksgiving meal for 60 people for Andrews rehersal dinner, so Darlene and I
joined her Monday in a pie baking extravaganza. Baking is therapy for me and doing it all day was such fun. Rebecca had a recipe for pie dough, from Cooks magazine that uses vodka , and it made the most beautiful crust to work with. The vodka gives you a nice moist dough to work with but evaporates in baking leaving you with the flakiest crust ever. I took lots of pictures of all the fun we were having and then left my camera in Rebeccas kitchen:(

This is my son in law Matthew, wearing Megans scarf as a turban. It has nothing to do with this post, but I needed a picture.

Yesterday Megan and Heather played hooky from Bible study to visit with me. Megan was reading aloud to us all about the tribulation from the happy book of Revelation, while Heather and I worked on centerpieces for the chapel. Isabella tried to help too, crawling as fast as she could to snatch up our flowers and throw them behind her. The rest of my day was spent grocery shopping and doing laundry...exciting stuff' ya know?
Today I was supposed to work but all the excitement of the past two days have left me exhausted. (Its hard to believe I once had boundless energy.) I've received a couple of my Christmas issue magazines so I think I 'll sit today and get inspired.


Kelly said...

Hey I need that recipe-- my pie crust is crappy. I gave up a making them myself, and now I buy ready made crusts. And if those pie crusts still didn't turn out I could console myself with the vodka, right?

Just say Julie said...

wow! No wonder you were tired. I just went home and crashed in fron of tivo last night. Something about the weather I think. Sounds like a yummy day of baking... would go great with my menu this week :)

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

i'm beginning a study of Revelation—something i've never really known enough about.

aliann said...

I want boundless energy too. I'm completely without.
Looking forward to seeing the centerpieces!

crescent said...

A day of piemaking sounds fun! I catered the wedding of a friend last May, for 200 people! Luckily, it was finger foods only. Had fun doing it though!! Oh, & this is Judy; I wrote to you on Saturday about how much I love you blog!! Hee!

crescent said...

Hi, this is Judy-I wrote you the other day about how much I love your blog!! Finally got on here. A day of piemaking sounds FUN!!