Friday, November 07, 2008

And the Winner Is...

I did the drawing very scientifically because I'm smart like that.

First I cut 23 pieces of paper and wrote the numbers 1-23 on them.

I folded them and put them in a bowl, and in hindsight I probably should have shaken them up to add to the excitement.

I had Brewier pull out one of the numbers.

He drew commenter #15 AliAnn. So congratulations, I'll be getting these to you Allison!

Because I've been having so much fun making these felted rose pins, I decided to have a few runners up to the drawing.
So, Hilltopper, My first kitchen and September in Canada, email me , (,) your mailing address along with what color rose pin you would like, (see the colors on my Etsy shop side bar,) and I'll mail it out to you.

Thank to everyone who commented on my post and told me how you found my blog. It was so much fun watching the comments come in!
Watch my blog for another giveaway next month!


Jenn said...

Congratulations to the winner! What fun....:)

aliann said...

yay! Thanks so much. :)

mrsmouthy said...


hilltopper said...

im so excited i did my first time ever "i won" dance, which since i am sure was not pretty (unite! tone deaf white girls everywhere). i like the blue one best.

Just say Julie said...

I think if you had shaken them I would have won :) Such a fun prize... enjoy!

Evi said...

I guess I TOTALLY missed that one!
Well I am happy for the winner. Maybe I'll have to get more consistent with my tuning in to these things.