Friday, October 24, 2008


Hilltopper tagged me with this meme of six things I value and six things I don't.

I value:

1. Knowing Jesus Christ as my savior.

2. My family. We all get along and love each other. It makes me sad when I hear of people who don't talk to their siblings, parents or children.

3. My friends. They are so precious to me. I have friends who come to visit and end up changing into some of my clothes because their detergent bothers me. They alter their lifesyle, so I can be around them. Thats pretty special.

4. The country I live in and the men and women who defend it.

5. Honesty

6.My photos, even if they're all (were talking 30 years here,) stored in a bunch of rubbermaid bins.

I don't value:

1. Celebrity and fame.

2. Status

3. Gossip

4. Fast food

5. Anything made of plastic.... including surgery

6. Most tv shows.


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

I have to say, I agree with every one of those—all 12.

I figured you were a Christian, as your blog says "Saved by Grace since 1972". I love that. You were born again one year after I was born the first time. I was born again three years after you were.

What a lovely testimony this post was. Thank you for your example and not being ashamed to proclaim your faith.

russ said...

I love this.