Monday, October 27, 2008

Trash and Other Interesting Things in My Neighborhood.

We were driving through the neighborhood on our way to Costco yesterday afternoon when Brewier puts on the brakes and says,
" Do you want a big white bowl or coffee table?" We turn the car around and pull up next to a big pile of trash where Brewier hops out of the car and claims this beauty. Nice, huh? He's become very good at spotting hidden treasure.

We have a new neighbor a block over from us. The day the, "For Sale," sign came down, multiple Obama signs went up. I saw said new neighbor getting out of his car yesterday. He was wearing a tshirt with a big ole confederate flag on it.

Today Allison, Heather, Megan and I were sitting at my kitchen table, the window open with a lovely breeze blowing in. Then we hear some one making motercycle engine noises, you know, like little kids do? We look out the window and this guy who looks to be about 17 rides by my house on one of those tricycle bikes. It was so funny! We kept waiting for him to ride by a second time but he never did.


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

that is a really neat bowl—treasure indeed.

Stephanie said...

We need to move to Florida just to gather trash! LOL