Thursday, October 09, 2008

For Anyone Who Tried Making My Fall Cookies.....

I"M SORRY. ( And if you watch "Friends," know that I am doing air quotes like Joey.) Jessica pointed out that I had a quarter cup more butter than called for, and Megan let me know that I totally left out the flour. Oops. The recipe has been corrected,and they really are delicious and worth making. You can even keep the dough in the refrigerator for a week and bake up a batch of yummy smelling fresh cookies daily. I don't do that because I can wolf down half a dozen of them before they are even cool.

I swiped this picture of the castle house off of Megans blog because I made her and thereby whatever she makes is kinda mine too. Mwhaaaaa.
Okay, I did ask permission.


mrsmouthy said...

That house is so awesome it almost makes up for the cookie SNAFU!

russ said...

It was supposed to snow in the Denver today but it did not.