Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Today I....

Walked Park Ave with Meg and looked at rugs in Pottery Barn. Usually I love to go to PB and look around, but they have now gone the ugly 70's decor route. Yes, I am very passionate in my dislike of that decor era and the avacodo, gold and orange color palette. Its ugly and two years ago, everybody else thought so too. But on to prettier things. Megan looks cute, doesn't she and this rug gets to be in the photo because it doesn't fall into the 70's catagory.

I picked up this red kale at Whole Foods. Have you ever fixed it, because when I took it out of the bag it smelled like roses! I even had Megan and Brewier sniff it and they agree. It tastes like plain old kale though.

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