Saturday, September 13, 2008

So I Guess I'll Move to Canada.

Or Alaska. Or Montana.
Megan found a Live Journal group devoted to MCS, and a discussion of where a healthy place to live might be. Here's the link if you're interested.

Healthy Living

I'm running into more and more people who suffer as I do, and point them in the direction of my Dr., since allergists and allopathic Dr's haven't a clue as what to do. Despite all the changes I've made in my lifestyle, my home is chemical and fragrance free, ( I even stopped painting my nails,) I eat organic, have air purifiers, and rarely leave my home, (if I do leave I always blog about it,) my MCS continues to get worse because I live in a land of massive insecticide and fertilizer spraying, in a city with heavy air and even heavier exhaust fumes. Even as I type this I am having moderate anaphalaxis problems because I went to a garage sale with Megan and the clothes for sale had fabric softener on them.
Susan Sommers was on the Today Show promoting her new book, and she was talking about the effect all these fragrances and chemicals are having on our health, especially for children.
Hopefully with someone mainstream talking about it, people will become more aware of the debilitating effects so many everyday products have.


Corey said...

I hate FL...I don't know why anyone would choose to live here.
I'm sorry you didn't get to go to KY :-(

Evi said...'d have a fellow SITSta neighbor in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!
Sorry to hear about your MCS.