Friday, September 12, 2008

Lisa came over today to rescue me from my pretty prison and take me to a grocery store since there was nothing to eat in the house. We went to Target, ate at the mall and went to TJMaxx. Yes, it was a big day out for me. While we were gone Megan and Matthew stopped by the house to use my computer. When I got home I looked in to my bedroom and this is what I saw:

Later while ichatting with Megan, I asked Matthew about it. He just shrugged his shoulders and replied, " Reptiles. They like to read."


Jessica said...

I absolutely love this! They're so funny!

mrsmouthy said...

Oh man, I thought you were excited about the bed being made until I saw the close-up. Is that thing real? My cat used to bring lizards into the house and we'd find them in places like the bathtub and because of it I am now 10 years older than my biological age. I HATE reptiles!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

i love it!