Thursday, September 11, 2008

Its 4am and I'm Sitting in Our Car.

At a hotel in Ocala Fl. We were on our way to KY and our ac froze causing the car to smell weird and become quqite hot. Now a normal person could roll down their windows, but since breathing FL air means certain death for me, we are trapped. In a parking lot. In Ocala. Wondering what to do. Fun times.

The upside is I have internet connection and just found out I won this great book over on the lovely Mrs B's blog! Yay!

EDIT: Four hours after leaving for KY, we are back home again. Meg, you and Allison should come over here!


c.g. said...

Well, I came here hoping you had updated since I couldn't sleep - but sorry to have to read this update about your car. :-(

Jessica said...

Oh bummer! Are you still going to be able to make the trip?