Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Feel the Need.To change my blogs appearance again. This look isn't quite me. I'm not a fan of the black background though I do Like how the black makes the photos stand out. Like these pictures of the boys. I gave them my box of cookie cutters and they were entertained for 45 minutes. Thats like three hours in grownup time.

The boys thought the circle shaped cutters made great halos, (or angel crowns, as they called them.)

Sam was not about tho share the coveted Christmas tree cutter.

Gregory found out he could make his grilled cheese taste better simply by cutting it into a heart shape.

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mrsmouthy said...

I'm glad you changed the background because a lot of times the black background never showed up on my screen, so it was peach writing on top of the paisley background and I couldn't read your blog that day. It's like you knew...