Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Recap

It rained a lot.

The cows across from Megan's subdivision were not happy about it. That or they really didn't like me taking their picture while mooing at them. I was just trying to get them to smile.

However the neighbor kids thought the torrential wind and rain made for a fun time.

All the rain left my craft room looking like this. It must have been the wind.

Saturday morning we got a break form the rain so Brewier and I went to Whole Foods for lunch.

Today Meg and I have been doing this. I'll talk about the shiny purple space pod in another post.

Oh, and its raining again right now.


Darla said...

Did you know if you talk with the cows they will come closer? You are lucky they didn't snot on you.
As for the wind in the craft room I am not buying that one my dear. You do have my interest on the purple space pod.

Linda said...

Wow, Florida has really had a lot of rain. It's either drought or flooding it seems.

Sarah said...

Love the pics - especially the irritated cow. Really want the story of the purple space pod. Glad to see Megan.