Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random Things I Have to Say.

Brenda, Is the spider still under the cup? LOL.

Lindsay, Thank you for cheering up Megan and making her laugh. Oh and don't worry about three times a day. Sometimes I would do it 10 times a day. Then I discovered Bloglines. It shows me when people update. But sometimes I still go to a blog over and over just because I like it.

Lisa, Thank you again for the two jars of buttons. They bring me great happiness.

Mom, We love you.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love talking to Megan! She makes me laugh probably more than I make her. Also, thank you for making me not feel like a stalker. I was so embarrassed when I saw that traffic update thing!!!!!

iphotographu said...

No! I had a guy friend remove the book I had on top of the cup to get the dead spider! That's after I removed a heavy can of tomatoes that was on top of the book which was on top of the cup just incase the spider was still alive. Not so sure he would have been so eager to help me out if the sucker was alive!