Thursday, August 28, 2008

The One With the Purple Space Pod.

What could it be? Is it some of the horrifically ugly 1960's/1970's decor that designers have regurgitated, try to tell us its chic and modern?

Lets take a closer look. What could this eyesore be? (Yeah, I know there is no baseboard. Its been like that for 6 years.)

This is my portable far infrared sauna. I sit in it most every night trying to sweat out toxins like mercury, (from dental work and immunizations.) I'd really like to put the wicker dresser that I bought to hold our dvds there, but for now, this is where the sauna lives.


hilltopper said...

so, you sit in there, all zipped up with only your head poking out?

im getting a pretty hilarious picture here.
how long do you sit in there? does it make you feel relaxed or are you irritable when youre done because youre all hot and sweaty?do you watch tv while youre steaming?

and on another note regarding the cupcakes, thanks, i sure did (make them) with a stencil and a spoonful of white sugar. the humidity helped it stick to the cupcake.

HopiQ said...

Oh....I'm disappointed that it's not a purple space pod. Oh, well.

Happy sweating!

Sarah said...

How cool is that? But who in the world designs these things and thinks that anyone, ANYWHERE, would like that color on something that big that has to sit in their house? Seriously. Who does that? And you know what's coming next - we sooooo need pictures of you in that thing!

mrsmouthy said...

Holy cow, I've never heard of that before! Is that why you're still Fabulous Since 1961?

Amy said...

I was hoping for a picture of you in it... you know, to help us understand how it works.

Darla said...

Okay help me understand this thing you are sitting in is it for time out purposes?:)
If you put your clothes in there will it steam them for you so you do not have to iron them?
I would have to think that must cause some heck of a river to run beween the girls while your in there. That alone would not work for me. Might I suggest a hot tub with relaxing jets everywhere instead. Actually I think I could get steamed with out a purple pod to do it in.