Friday, August 15, 2008

The One Where I Whine.

Though I see an alternative doctor, I'm supposed to have a primary physician and get a check up every year. Today I went to a new doctor, recommended to me by my alternative Dr. I walked into the office and it reeked of scented candles, so I filled out all my paper work out in the hall. When it was time for my weigh in and blood pressure check, my bp was 180/100, from breathing the fragrance in the office. I went in to meet and talk to the Dr, and she is wearing perfume! I have my ionizer on, but am having trouble breathing, so I explain to her why I'm there and the background on my health. At this point I have had Dr's ask me to leave, because they can't grasp or treat what is happening to me. This Dr has some knowledge of my problem, but has never met anyone with as severe a problem as me. A good 10 minutes were spent with her wrapping her brain around my problem.
Dr: You can't go to a restaurant?
Me: No.
Dr: you can't go shopping, or to sporting events?
Me; No.
Dr: That means you can't get into a new car, or see a movie....and this is Florida, so you probably have trouble outside too, don't you? You're trapped in your home most of the time!
Me, with relief in my voice over having a Dr understand: That's right.
Dr: "How do you live?"
Then she saw that I'm also allergic to all antibiotics.
Dr:" So, I'm trying to understand why you're here, I don't know what I could ever do for you."
Me:" I just need a primary physician."
That's my life.
The good part the day is that Megan has spent it with me, she makes me laugh.


Jessica said...

Ah, now I have a quote from a doctor to tell the many people who are always asking me, "can't you take something to help?"

Darla said...

That is ridiculous that Dr should know not to wear perfume when she is a Dr. In the hospital no staff is allowed to wear perfumes. It is common knowledge that anyone in the medical profession does this out of concern for patients. Find a new Dr.

Sarah said...

well... I am glad that she took the time with you, and showed signs of at least understanding the impact your allergies and sensitivities have on your life! Just having an alopathic Dr. acknowledge that seems epic to me. I am sorry, though. But at least she also came out and stated what you already knew - and that is that she cannot help you. She does sound like the kind of primary Dr. you need - someone to do the exams and write it all up. Not to recommend drugs or any of the other stuff. And, as sorry as I am for the impact the perfumes had on you, it was probably just the thing for her to actually witness your reactions! Nothing like having to suffer for the sake of proof!

Jessica said...

Did you read today's Daily Bread? It made me think of you. :)

mrsmouthy said...

Sounds like me when I'm pregnant. Ugh. Hey, I linked to your blog on mine today. Thanks for the laughs and hope you don't mind that I borrowed your cake wreck find!