Thursday, August 07, 2008

It Will Drive You to Drink

The nursing home profession, that is. This week Brewier has been at the state nursing home convention accruing credit hours to keep his license valid. Besides the seminars, there is a vendor set up where drug companies, rehab services, food suppliers and anyone else with services or products that a nursing home would use, set up booths and hand out cheap give away things with their logos on them to try and get your business. You know, pens, tape measures, flash lights, or my favorite, unit dosed M&M's given out by a drug company. Brewier was unloading his goodie bag full of crap treasure, when he pulled out a shot glass and said, "Look what I got Megan for her shot glass collection!" I'm thinking, "hmm, I've never seen anyone handing out shot glasses at one of these things before. I mean its a nursing home convention, you can't get any more boring than that, (unless you come to visit me and and are lulled to sleep.) Then I read what was on the shot glass.

Heres a close up.

Being a nursing home administrator is a high stress job with the average tenure being 8 months. So to see a medical supply company putting this, their motto on shot glasses was so apropos, I laughed until I cried.


Jessica said...

That's priceless!

Liz said...

Good grief, that's hilarious.

Linda said...

I'm an ex-nurse. Man I hated those courses for credit that were required to keep your license. I'm so glad those days are behind me. I never got a shot glass either.

Ritch in Love said...