Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Nothing Has Changed.

Sunday, Roger and Kim had a big family get together so we could all hang out and visit with Kenny and Stephanie. After eating Stephanie brought out a game where movie lines are read and you have to guess what movie it's from. She read a few, then passed the game on to Kenny to read a few. We were all playing, except Roger who was now quietly sitting in a chair away from the table, and Greg, who was wrestling and playing VERY loudly with Gregory, next to the table. We try to play, but with all the noise Greg is making we can't hear anything being said, so I shout, "GREG! Shhhhhh! Be quiet, we're trying to play a game here."
As soon as those words were out of my mouth, the humor of the situation hit me. You see, Kenny has always been easy going and will join in and do what anyone else wants to do. Roger, the middle brother has always been the quiet sneaky one, and Greg as the baby of the family has always been loud, entertaining and the center of attention. And me as the oldest? Well, I'm the boss who still tries to get her brothers to listen and behave.

This is our traditional pose that my brothers started doing with me about 40 pounds ago. I have to boss them to do it now.

Kenny, Roger, my Mom, Greg, Me.

See the wet spot on my shirt? Thats because just off camera in the last picture, Gregory was shooting me, (per his fathers instructions,) with a water gun. Just like he had Brett, Brewiers son, shooting everyone at my wedding with a water gun. Yep, somethings never change.


Liz said...

You and your brothers are so cute! Looks like you grew up in a really fun family.

Anonymous said...

You are my kids and I love you all just the way you are and always have been since birth. I am one very blessed Mother. xxoo

Linda said...

I love that photo. I only have one sister. I always wondered what it would be like to have a brother or two.