Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm In Love!

No, its not with Michael Phelps muscles,( though I do think they are the best part of the Olympics,) but with these shoes.

Sadly, I had to leave my $50 love behind.

So, you know today is Wednesday.... the day I'm supposed to work. You got it. Didn't happen. My car has a really bad gas leak that my mechanic can't find. He said he couldn't even smell it, but seriously, it smells like someone pumped gas directly into the car. Allison can attest to that. Anyway, I've been car less and trapped at home FOR A MONTH. Because its Wednesday though, I did get a call this morning it went like this:
Me: "Hello?"
Caller: "Brownies, fresh coffee and pj's.?"
Me; "I'm on my way."
And I was out the door to visit Renee. Olivia and Eva joined us for breakfast; they preferred to dine on Oreo's rather than brownies.


Abby said...

Aw what cute girls!

Sarah said...

awwww, I wanna come! I'm missing all the fun.

TheMama said...

I second the cute kiddos, brownies are always good...

Sure, that's all well and good but,


(Slightly shoe-addicted. Does it show?)

Just say Julie said...

I am digging those shoes! And the brownies and pjs sound devine right about now... sadly they are not dress code approved for teachers :(