Sunday, August 24, 2008

ichatting With Megan.

Megan: Did you take the kombucha mushroom home with you the other day?
Me: no
Megan: Do you mind if we use it and start a batch today?
Me: Thats fine. Its your kombucha.
Megan: I'll give you the baby when this batch is done. It can be your grandchild since that's the only baby I can give you.

Sad, yes. But she is getting her sense of humor back.
The sun is finally shining here. I heard we got 20 inches of rain last week. Daytona Beach received over 30!


Jenn said...

Both of you come and see me. I can make us all a great lunch. It's girl thing. Call me. 407-740-5143 Jenn

Darla said...

That tea has mold growing it woman what are you ladies doing?

Just say Julie said...
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Just say Julie said...

can you send some of that rain this way?

Heather said...

Wow...that's ALOT of rain! Don't float away!