Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Need An Intervention.

Me: I'm hungry. You said pizza the other day and all I can think about now is pizza. (I'm easily influenced.)
Can we get pizza? Doesn't that sound good. Pizza, pizza, pizza.
Brewier: Are you sure you want to do that?

This is where I should mention that pizza is one of the foods that my body hates in a bad bad way.

Me: Yes! I'm sure I'll be okay this time and it will taste so good. Its a treat. Ya know?
Brewier: Okay, lets get pizza.

Sweetie, next time I ask for food that i shouldn't eat I want you to say, "REMEMBER THE PAIN?" Okay? Pinch me , shake me and keep repeating it until I remember the pain.


Sarah said...

So sorry! Unfortunately, the pain is like contractions. You think that you will never forget and never never never never have another child again. And then when the second one is on the way out, you go "oh noooooo. I remember this." Not fun. So by my calculations, you've got about 4 years before your next "WHY DIDN'T YOU SLAP ME FOR ORDERING PIZZA" blog entry.

Linda said...

I don't have this problem with eating pizza but I do curse myself whenever I get a hangover. Why do I drink too much wine when I know what it does to me? I think the answer would have glutony in there somewhere.

Kimberly said...

Is it like the pain you had when Kenny was here and we had pizza? I know you were not feeling well the next day.

Hope you feel better and figure out what is causing this!

Jenn said...

Oh no. Not fun!!!

Keith said...

Argh! That's totally me and cheesecake...since going vegan, I ate some cheesecake thinking, "Just this once"...let's just say that it took me a WEEK to get everything working again. Ouch! Not worth it!

Heather said...

Awwww...PB is that way too. I'm so sorry!! It's a bummer when you want something so bad. I hope it tasted really good going down.