Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Auntie Em, Toto, It's a Twister!

Or a tropical storm. Whatever it is, schools are closed as well as the Space Center and all the ports.
So today, I'll continue my home tour in the dining room, but because the lighting isn't the greatest today, ( pesky storm clouds!) we will focus on my buffet.

When you walk in my front door and turn to the left, this is what you see. Its supposed to be the formal living room, but this is how it works best for us. At the moment. You see, I like to rearrange things a lot. One night Brewier came home from work and I had rearranged our entire landscape, digging up bushes and plants and small trees; placing them where I thought they should be. You get the idea.

This is our buffet, which is actually a dresser I picked up at a garage sale for $35. Its by Drexel and is so well made. The lamps I've had for nearly 15 years and as with most of the dining room, is no longer my style, but its what I have. I love the red shades that I picked up for $1 each. The white sea shellish plate I picked up for a dollar also. And lets not forget the mirror that my neighbors across the street can see while standing in their living room.

Recognize my 50 cent wooden tray? It holds my 50 cent wine glasses and my $5 transfer ware bowls that I bought at the Lumber Mill Antique Mall in Madison Indiana.

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow, (I hate that song,) and the tour can continue.


HopiQ said...

More of the tour! Love it! Ever since I was at your house I've been thinking about where to move our table and chairs and how to get my hands on a dresser/buffet! And maybe rearrange the patio furniture...

But my energies are directed towards school at the moment. So many ideas, so little time.

Liz said...

Love it! I wish I had a buffet area, but alas, it wasnt meant to be. The red shades are fabulous.

Hope your weather doesnt get too bad... and congrats to you and your daughters! Thats so exciting, two grandchildren the same age!

hilltopper said...

so jealous of the mirror, my "buffet" is also a dresser! my husband insists on putting cherade quotes around buffet every time he says it because to him its still his moms dresser.

cool Lumber Mill finds also, you know its my fave place to go when i get an hour to myself. and FYI the pink toilet in the salvage is still up for grabs, $19.95. dont miss it!

Sarah said...

I also covet that mirror.

And... because I just cannot let it go without saying... You live in Florida, so you can bet your bottom dollar that the sun will come out tomorrow! Tee hee.

Linda said...

Hope you are ok during that storm. Would you believe that my son and his family were on Key West? They had to evacuate. Anyway, love the mirror.