Monday, July 21, 2008

Todays Tour.

I'll start my home tour with my lanai, because just about everything on it was given to me, picked up at garage sales, or rescues from the curbside. I would have liked to stage the porch, but this it's July in Florida and I really don't want to have a heat stroke.

This is the dining area. the table is wrought iron with a glass top and was picked up from the curb. I made a fitted table cloth from an old sofa slip cover, the place mats are from Ikea, ($1.99 each.) The vase was a garage sale find, $1, and even the ginger was a bargain, on sale at Publix last week for $2.50. The iron candle stand was $5 and filled with $1 worth of shiny black stones. The mirror was a steal at $1 and it sits on a $10 desk/buffet. The .50 basket on the buffet shelf hold the mosquito net panels that are usually hung up along the porch. Along the bottom of the porch are white metal panels that I really disliked, so I bought some reed fencing, stained it and cut it so it would cover up the panels.

Here we are in the sitting area. The sofa was given to me by my sister in law, Melissa. It still had the original 1940's upholstery on it and was a bit smelly, so I removed all of that and replaced it with the cushions from a worn out pottery barn sofa, (bought at a garage sale,) we were throwing out. The bench with the red pillows was $10 and is awaiting a paint job and reupholstering. For now, a .50 cotton shower curtain is covering it's springs. The sea grass rug, (Pottery Barn,) was $5. It was dirty and stained, but at that price I figured I could try to salvage it. I threw the thing over my fence and blasted it with the hose, then left it to dry in the sun. By the evening I had a brand new looking rug. The vintage pretzel chair and table were a garage sale steal at $25, the Eiffel Tower was purchased on sale at Target. The trunk was given to me by my grandmother back when I was a teenager. My nephews love it because they think there is pirate treasure in it.

I bought this iron plant stand eight years ago at a garage sale for $30. It was full of beautiful english ivy at the time. I normally wouldn't spend that much, but I couldn't get the owner to budge on the price, and I loved it.

This is the lizard who lives up inside, and gaurds the Eiffel Tower.

Look at this wicker table I ( well actually I asked Brewier to retrieve it,) pulled from my neighbors trash pile last night. As soon as I saw it I thought of you Hope. Interested?

Thanks to Vickie for sending me the "so true to my life" joke that became yesterdays post :)


Sarah said...

Loved the tour! And I just always love your style. This makes me miss being at your house. Sigh.

Jenn said...

You are such an inspiration to not have to spend a ton of money and still have a beautiful home. Can't wait until the next tour!

Amy said...

Thanks Tricia! I really enjoyed that. It's nice to have a good idea of where you are.

Linda said...

Doesn't it feel good to find bargains? Your place looks great=very comfy. I have a friend in Arizona who decorated her whole house by shopping at flea markets. She didn't have one thing that she paid full price for.

Liz said...

I love tours! Love everything about these pics.

HopiQ said...

You put on a great tour! I also love to hear about your bargains and freebies. It's so much fun. You have a very lovely home.

And bring on the table!!! :)

HopiQ said...

The table's big sister is in this month's Better Homes and Gardens!!! In a shade of Allison's new color. Bring it quick before anybody steals it!