Thursday, July 17, 2008


The made for television movie that Brewier was in, has been nominated for an Emmy. Despite being in an uncredited role, and having his name listed third from last on IMDB, I know the movie was nominated because of his riveting performance as Justice Harry Lee Anstead. Congratulations sweetie.

Since its summer and things are a bit slow here, I've decided to photograph and do a tour of my thrift store, curbside garbage, decorated home. I love going to blogs and seeing other peoples homes, but it had never occurred to me to do a tour of my own. Look for the first installment later today.


Sarah said...

congratulations, Brewier!!

Yay - I can't wait for the tour!

hilltopper said...

hey guess what, the guy 9 above brewier, unnamed secret service agent yeah, i had dinner with that guy at lonestar steakhouse. he visited the post exchange at ft hood to play the character batman beyond for the kids to get their pic taken with batman! i have in the past wondered if that guy was able to get and acting parts, i guess he has. awesome i dated a movie star! well it wasnt a date the manager sent 4 other outgoing pepole that he thought would show the guy a good (clean) time.