Saturday, July 26, 2008

On Living in Orlando.

It's the number one tourist destination in the world. Yeah, I find that one hard to believe too. Maybe because I live here? I don't know. What I do know is that all those people who come to visit, bring all of there virus's with them and spread them about freely. Sarah noticed I'd been pretty quiet on the blog front this week and it's because I've been SICK with one of these virus's, (Even more than my normal sick.) and I've gone and shared it with Brewier and now he is in bed sick. You know what that means? I didn't get to garage sale today and now my whole little world is out of whack. To explain more on living in Florida, I'm am stealing my brother Gregs post form earlier in the week.

"Just another day in the life............ It was time to restock the larder so Quock and I butchered one of the pigs. Scraping the hair off is much harder than carving steaks.

Took the boys "exploring" on the Winter Park Chain Of Lakes. We paddled Gator and my favorite canal, the Lake Sue. Sam hates it because of the enormous amount of spiders that make it into the canoe and on him. Gator just shoots everything with his cap gun.

Sam loved making fun of this sign after I read it to him. He was like "of course Gators on this lake, he lives here". Once I explained the sign was talking about alligators, Sam said "How stupid, this is Florida".

We decided to clean up at Dinky Dock with a quick swim, however, another "Florida Only" sign was stuck at the waters edge. I read this one to Sam and he started crying and screaming that amoeba were all over him and he was going to die. I tried calming him down saying they have to go up his nose but he couldn't hear me over Gator yelling "I see amoeba swimming in da wata, they are ebby-where"!

So anyone reading this and is considering moving to Florida please take caution. Our lakes are full of deadly amoeba and flesh eating alligators, spiders are every where and will find a way to get on you, and everyone is a redneck with large livestock kept in their backyards. "


Darla said...

Tricia Now I know there were other reason's we left Florida.Time for you to move to healthier state.
Not quite sure if that exists though.

Linda said...

I've heard there are huge mosquitoes there too. I've been to Orlando to visit Disney World-hasn't everyone? I just remember the heat and humidity. Such cute grandkids.

hilltopper said...

what a hoot! im glad i live in IN. out here we mostly are concerned with keeping the skunks out of the crawl space and not getting eaten up by misquitos.

Greg Pflug said...

Howdy sis!
You feeling any better?

meg said...

i think you made me sick.